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For over ten years, Academic Advantage has helped South Florida students and families with a wide range of subjects, tests and computer services. Our instructors are certified and/or highly skilled and normally work one-on-one with students—which we find provides the best results and attention for a student’s needs. However, group classes are available upon request and can provide significant savings.

Most of the tutoring is performed in-home but can be performed elsewhere, such as Barnes & Noble’s, libraries, etc., if preferred. Also, students with learning disabilities/ special needs are accommodated and we have helped students with ADD/ ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, Comprehension Difficulties, Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Dyscalculia (learning disability with math), Dyslexia, Multiple Sclerosis—just to name a few. Almost all tests and subjects are covered from kindergarten to graduate school level. We have also helped students with online classes and homeschooling. For homeschoolers a whole curriculum can be made—entailing academic materials and daily scheduling—to keep students on track for state homeschooling requirements.

In addition to academics, Academic Advantage is proud to offer a wide array of computer services. Websites are made and maintained, and SEO (search engine optimization for Google, MSN, Yahoo!, etc.) is available. Many of our clients prefer to learn how to build and maintain their Websites, which will empower them for the future. However, some clients would rather have us make the Website, which we do as well. By working one-on-one, you are able to learn Web Design as quickly as possible and avoid large, expensive classes—where you often learn things they do not need to know. This way everything is customized to what you want, and the best part is you can see your Website developing right in front of you. So, you are able to learn Web design as quickly as possible! Finally, computer repair, networking, programming, smart phone applications, software instruction, and test preparation (A+, MCSE, MCP, etc.) are also available.


"At first, I thought I didn't need SAT/ACT tutoring. I figured that I was smart enough to handle whatever these tests threw at me. After getting my PSAT score back (199) I was wondering why my scores weren't reflecting this confidence. My parents heard about Seth from one of their friends, and they scheduled an appointment as soon I expressed my concern."

Now, I'm going to zoom forward to the results. I just got my second round of test scores back and I received an SAT score of 2310 and a straight 36 ACT score. The only reason I was able to do so well was because of Seth's help.

---R. Laracuente, Coral Springs, Florida

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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes Academic Advantage from some of the large, franchise tutoring companies?

By working one-on-one, or in very small groups upon the client’s request, we are able to accomplish a lot more; the student gets a greater understanding of the material, and most importantly learns just what the student needs to know. Ironically, we often hear from our clients that it costs them the same amount or less to have their student seen one-on-one, in their own home, as it does to take them to one of the large franchised centers—where their child will share one tutor with up to four other students.

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Test Preparation

We help test-takers prepare to achieve high results on the following exams:

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • GRE